Ham Sandwich with Strawberries and Mango Mayonnaise


8 slices of Sliced ​​Country Bread (Ref 64950)

½ mango

1 egg

200ml olive oil

A pinch of salt

A few drops of lemon juice

150g of sliced ​​ham

8 strawberries

50g arugula


Wash the strawberries, remove the tail and cut them into sheets.

For the mango mayonnaise: chop the mango and place it in a mixer glass. Crush it until you get a homogeneous puree and incorporate the egg and a pinch of salt.

Without moving the rod arm, continue beating and adding the oil in a thread, until it emulsifies and a thick sauce remains.

Add the lemon drops and beat a few more seconds. Spread the slices with a few tablespoons of mango mayonnaise. Layer the rest of the ingredients and serve.