A tribute to all bakers who share the same values.

Cap. 01. Jonathan Bethony. Washington, D.C..

Jonathan is an exceptional baker mastering both: the classic and artisanal side of baking and the more creative and experimental side. Because of his dedication, commitment and results, he is known as "the Steve Jobs of bread" and is considered the best baker in Washington, D.C.

Bread is a way of relating to the world and communicating with it. Spiritual and committed, his dream is to change people's lives through bread.

Cap. 02. Irene Gómez. Sigüenza.

A tireless fighter, Irene has trained with the best master bakers, learning all the secrets of artisan bread.

From her bakery in Sigüenza, she serves Michelin-starred restaurants. Her success is the result of her constant work.

Cap. 03. Jean-Maurice. París.

Third generation of bakers and trained with the best artisan baker in France, Jean-Maurice is a baker passionate about his craft and challenges.

His effort and talent have led him to be, in 2019, the winner of the first prize for the best traditional baguette of Seine-Saint-Denis in Paris. Time and patience are the main ingredients in Jean Maurice's recipes.

Cap. 04. Agustí Costa. Cercs.

Considered one of the most creative bakers in Spain, Agustí is, from his bakery in Cercs (Catalonia), the fifth generation of bakers who combine tradition and innovation to create the best bread.

Thanks to his courage and tenacity, he has managed to attract bread lovers from all corners of the country and revitalize his small town of just 1,000 inhabitants.