We are the ones who rise early to share our passion with the world. With one eye on the past and one on the future, we are reinventing bakery culture.

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“Europastry is a global company with a startup mindset. We are primarily bakers eager to transform bakery as we know it.”

Our approach to business,
to life

If it doesn’t challenge us, it won’t change us.

Our evolution has always focused on daring to dream about new ways of making things happen in the bakery industry. Tradition is in our DNA, and Innovation is at our core. Our attitude is audacious and bold. Challenges are our daily bread.

We are Brave.

Honoring the tradition and craft of baking, our curious spirit, and a never-ending search for innovation are the foundations of all our work.

We are Bakers.



All the people in the food chain have to collaborate and do their part to ensure that the planet is inhabitable for our children. What will future generations say about us if we go beyond the point of no return when we still have the means to avoid it? Together with our suppliers and customers, we want to lead this change.

Discover why sustainability is much more than a buzzword for Europastry.

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We are bakers 2.0. We're passionate about sharing our vision of baking through innovation. It's our driving force, allowing us to explore new paths and revolutionize our world.

Discover why Europastry takes innovation to the next level. We work relentlessly- striving for originality and honoring tradition.

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