April 8, 2024

🌼Spring Has Sprung🌷

With the new season, comes new flavors… try out these recipe ideas!

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Finally…Winter is over, and Spring is here! The Sun sets later, the air gets warmer, the Earth comes back to life, and moods get better. Outside is calling our names, but to have our May flowers we still need to sit through the April showers. In the meantime, lets think about the fun things you can do in the upcoming Spring Weather.

The first thing that comes to our minds is a Picnic! Sitting in the fresh warm air, talking with friends, getting some sun, and the best part…food! When we think Spring we think of light lunches, fresh sandwiches, charcuterie boards, and endless other options. With that said, we figured why not share some recipe ideas that complement the season.

A good starting point for a great picnic would be our Cristal products which can be purchased in bagel form, sandwich roll form, and sandwich slices, they’re the epitome of light and fresh. Another picnic-friendly product is our Croissants which can make a great, unique base for a sandwich or be a stand-alone snack.

Now, for some ideas, you can go the classic route and make sandwiches using some deli meat, lettuce, tomato, etc. because that never fails. But you can also do so much more than that with a sandwich, and these recipes can all be found on our website. Starting off strong, something not often seen is a sweet sandwich which could go together perfectly with the Spring weather. To do this you’ll want to get fresh berries and use them to make a berries and cream bagel, we suggest our Cristal bagels for this. Another delicious and light picnic snack could be Pa Amb Tomaquet, which is popular in Spain and its basically tomato on bread. Something more on the classic route with a bit of a spin could be a chicken salad sandwich, except its on a croissant rather than sandwich bread. If you like a BLT, you can make that too, or you’d also probably like our recipe for a Pepperoni and Mozzarella sandwich, which has avocado, tomato, pepperoni, and lettuce. Or it could be fun to take your favorite salad, add a protein like chicken or steak and throw it on a Cristal Sandwich Roll to make it a salad sandwich, this one isn’t on the website but its an easy one anyway!

Want something vegan or vegetarian? We have you covered, our Cristal products are Vegan, and they make a great base for a veggie sandwich. Tomato sandwiches are delicious and refreshing in the warm weather and if you’re vegetarian you can add some fresh Mozzarella, Swiss, Manchego, or any cheese you want, and if you’re vegan add some vegan cheese and maybe some greens. You can also roast some veggies at home and then make a sandwich out of them, we have a Vegan and Vegetarian section of recipes on our website for you to check out, it features, mushroom sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, and many more delicious vegetable-based ideas.

If you also happen to be enjoying some wine on your picnic, there’s no better pairing than a charcuterie board. We would suggest, rather than using crackers, make crostini out of one our Authentic French Baguettes. These are a Take & Bake product which means you get every possible minute of freshness out of it, and they are the perfect way to level-up your charcuterie game.

We could probably go on forever, but we’ll leave you with that. Feel free to check out our recipe page on our website for more spring inspiration… get outside and enjoy!