May 1, 2024

馃崝馃尛Let鈥檚 Get Grilling馃尛馃崝

Its almost time to fire up that Grill for the season, and these buns are well-done. 馃敟

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Spring is officially here, and you know what that means鈥ts almost time to fire up the grill again! Who doesn鈥檛 love a good sunny day, outside, enjoying delicious food with friends and family? That sounds like a pretty perfect day to us!

When people think about a BBQ their mind goes directly to burgers, hot dogs, side salads, drinks, toppings, but one very important thing constantly gets overlooked and underappreciated鈥he kind of bread that鈥檚 holding all those ingredients.

While many people overlook the bread, we never do, we make sure to produce the best possible options for your BBQ season so you can devour all of the deliciousness and enjoy every second of it. With that said, we have multiple bread options for your first BBQ of the season. The first being our Authentic Brioche Burger Buns which are a tried and true classic that everyone can enjoy. Brioche serves as a buttery slightly sweet base for your burger that complements the tanginess of pickles, the sweetness of ketchup, the acidity of onions, and all the other flavors that come along with your favorite toppings. These buns are hearty but never heavy and can withstand the juiciest burgers without getting soggy, and if the classic buttery sweet flavor just isn鈥檛 enough for you, we offer these buns in Everything Flavor and also Sesame, which elevates your burger in both flavor, and texture. Vegan? We have that covered too with our Vegan Brioche Style Buns which have all the characteristics of our Authentic Brioche buns, minus the animal based ingredients.

Next up we have our Cristal Burger Buns which are like nothing else you鈥檝e ever tasted before. Developed from an authentic Spanish recipe, truly nothing else that is available in stores compares to this bread. This is a high hydration dough made from fermented sourdough, but without the sour taste! These buns are light as a feather and have an almost perfectly clean bite and virtually no crumb, and why do we call it Cristal? That鈥檚 because the crust is so thin its basically crystal clear. Now, to set you up for success with these, we recommend that you lightly toast them on the grill until just slightly golden before adding your burger. This technique will give you the best texture of the bread while also ensuring that it doesn鈥檛 soak up all the sauce or juice from your burger and fall apart since its so light.

While we鈥檙e talking about Cristal, we also have our Cristal Sandwich Rolls which are available in a 2 count and 4 count. These rolls are perfect for sandwiches, obviously, but also are the perfect shape to accommodate the 2nd BBQ classic next to burgers, hot dogs! The bread is exactly the same as the burger buns, its just shaped differently! Cristal is also a vegan product so even your vegan friends can come over to enjoy the festivities.

Speaking of hot dogs, there is always a divide at the BBQ, the hamburger people and the hot dog people. We kept that in mind and made sure to accommodate everyone so, we have our Authentic Brioche Hot Dog Buns in addition to the brioche burger buns, now no one has to be left out from experiencing our brioche! The buttery sweetness pairs perfectly with the smoky savoriness of the hot dog, and just like the burger buns, its strong enough to withstand whatever toppings you decide to use. And the brioche flavors will go nicely with macaroni salad, potato salad, and any other classic BBQ side dish.

So, fire up that grill, and trust us, after trying our selection, you鈥檒l never overlook a hot dog or hamburger bun again.

Check out our Recipe Page on our website for BBQ inspiration!