May 12, 2023

Brioche Day 2023 馃崝馃尛 – Eight Reasons to Celebrate with US

It's one of our favorite days of the year!聽 For those who love all things sweet, buttery, and soft: Join us in celebrating National Brioche Day as we share eight reasons to celebrate, and countless ways you can enjoy the day!


What is Brioche?

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Brioche is a type of enriched bread that originates from Normandy, France. If you wish to get fancy, this viennoiserie is a bread made with plenty of butter, milk, and eggs, giving it a rich and soft inside with a flaky crust. This bread comes in various shapes and styles, so you might be familiar hearing the word used in ‘brioche burger buns’ or ‘brioche French toast. ‘The name ‘brioche’ is thought to originate from the Old French “brier,” a word used to describe a cooking utensil similar to a rolling pin. The -oche is a French suffix that, when put together, can be said in English as Brioche! (pronounced as bree-aash, or as bree-oh-sh). Now, let’s get to the good stuff and learn eight reasons to celebrate with us!


Reason One:聽 Authentic Brioche

Our Brioche is rooted in traditional French techniques & ingredients, and some of our brioches are carefully selected and imported straight from France! We base our Brioche on the original Normandy recipe, using plenty of butter, cream, and eggs in our dough, with just the right amount of sugar for a touch of sweetness.


Reason Two:聽 聽Always Fresh Product

Our innovation has allowed us to make fresh products that last without preservatives. For example, our brioche items last up to 10 days sealed in their original packaging.


Reason Three:聽 A Clean Label Recipe

We don’t just use authentic ingredients; we use natural ingredients: real butter, cage-free eggs, and wheat flour, to name a few. In addition, we’re proud to offer brioche buns and loaves without artificial flavors or preservatives.

Reason Four:聽 Something to Share

A delicious meal can always be made better when you have someone to share it with. That’s why we offer our brioches in various styles and package sizes, whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or if you have the whole family over for a barbecue party!

Reason Five:聽 We are the True Pioneers

A little-known fact, EuroClassic was the first company to bring Brioche into the mainstream US market. Our honor for tradition and aim toward innovation gave us just what we needed to help kickstart the popularity of Brioche in the United States.


Reason Six:聽 The Supporting Role and The Star

Brioche as delicious as ours will always stand out during any meal, but it also makes for the best support.聽 Our hearty brioche buns and loaves are fully-baked, but if you toast them for a bit, they can stand up to even the juiciest of burgers or a whole stack of toppings on a sandwich.

Reason Seven:聽 A Carefully-Curated Range

When it comes to the Brioche that we import, we ensure that the quality and ingredients meet our standards to the same level as the ones we make ourselves. These all come in various styles and flavors, ranging from hot dog buns to slider rolls, braided loaves to ring cakes, and flavors including chocolate, cinnamon, and cream cheese filling.

Reason Eight:聽 Recipes Galore

We know this is what you’ve been waiting for. We offer a wide range of recipes to make the most of our brioche products, and we’re always adding more. We have plenty right here on our website. Still, you can find more on our EuroClassic website, where it’s all about everything brioche there. Summer’s right around the corner, so here are some grilling recipes we hope you love! Thanks so much for spending time with us, and have a tasty Brioche Day!


Fully Loaded Bacon Cheeseburger


Connecticut-Style Lobster Rolls


Barbecue Pulled Pork Sliders