June 9, 2023

Europastry at IDDBA 2023

That's a wrap on IDDBA, and we'd like to thank everyone for checking out our booth.  To returning visitors and new guests alike, we're truly grateful for your time- and we hope you enjoyed the show!

We brought out the classics like bread, brioche, and bretzels; but we made sure to show off our Spanish roots by including some Spain specialties like Buñuelos, Cremedets, and XuXos. We made sure to go all out this year with new branding, items, and flavors. Take a look!

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Pastries & Spanish Specialties 🇪🇸:

We stand by honoring tradition, which is why we proudly display our Spanish roots with this assortment of pastries. We were so happy to see such positive reception to these treats, even if they’re not the most well-known. Among them were our artisan Xuxo pastries- a croissant-like delicacy with a custard filling and dusted with sugar [pictured], as well as Cremadets: half-moon-shaped pastries that are filled with pastry cream and Buñuelos: PopDot-like treats that are made of fried dough and dusted with sugar. In the photo you can also see one of our newer pastries, our New York Roll: a circular pastry made of croissant dough, filled with pastry cream, and topped with a cocoa cream.

Step Into our DOTS ORIGINAL Planet 🍩:

Seeing so many people want to get their selfies on at our DOTS wall was great. We had a ring of our classics like Cocoa, Pink, & Confetti, as well as our more unique filled Dots like Cocoa-Hazelnut, Red Velvet, & Apple flavors.  We made this year even sweeter by introducing some new flavors of Dots.  We presented Pumpkin PopDots,  Raspberry PopDots, and our fruit-flavored Summer Dots which show off our returning Retail-Ready Dots boxes.

A New Kind of (Euro)Classic – Brioche 🍞🧈:

You may know us as Europastry, but we are EuroClassic too! Our brioche buns, rolls, and loaves were plentiful so we could show off the array we offer.  But did you notice anything different?  That’s right, EuroClassic has a brand new style.  You’ll learn more about that soon, so be sure to check back at the end of the month to learn more.  We may have a new look, but we promise to have the same great tastes you’ve come to love; soft, buttery, and accompanied by flavors both sweet and savory.

Proof & Bake to Retail Ready – Bread Galore 🥖:

We wouldn’t be bakers if we didn’t bring out our assortment of bread, and what better time than at IDDBA.  Our families of bread cover the whole gamut: proof & bake, thaw & bake, fully baked, and retail-ready.  We brought out plenty of freshly baked goods like our knots, challah, and onion pockets- who doesn’t love the smell of bread straight out the oven?  We also took this opportunity to show off a few more of our brands, including our Rustica ciabattas and Cristal bread in their retail-ready packages, perfect for any store shelf.  They also come in varying options of bulk and no label to suit your needs.


We’ve got plenty of new things coming soon, and some new items already here!  If you’re interested in getting the latest news, contact us and request to be added to our mailing list.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see old and new faces alike at next year's IDDBA!