March 1, 2022

Pop DotsOriginal® are here to stay!

And now filled Pop Dots Original® join the club!

You’re probably familiar with doughnut -or donut- holes. They’ve been around for a long time. Is the hole even really the part that gets cut out of the center of the doughnut? There is controversy on this ultra-American pastry’s history. Some argue that doughnut holes are not an invention to prevent wasting the dough from the cut-out heart. Doughnuts are already built in that circular tube shape, without the need to cut out the center. In any case, whoever thought up the idea of the forgotten center created a brilliant marketing campaign. Nowadays, baby doughnut holes are just as sought out and desirable as their bigger mammas the doughnut.

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It might also be no secret that most commercial, industrial doughnuts are some of the unhealthiest, most processed foods you can find on the market. No less than #3 according to The Healthy . Often packed with trans fat, sugar, and refined flour, this means not only empty calories, but also harmful substances to our health. Enter Europastry’s Dots range of products! Familiar flavors and textures Americans love, with a European flare for a more natural style of baking.

We won’t reveal to you whether our Popdots are actually the hearts of the Dots they stem from. This shall remain top secret forever. We do advise you to try them. These little bites offer huge amounts of pleasure and satisfaction, without many of the drawbacks of highly processed versions of many well-known brands of doughnuts and doughnut holes.

Our exquisite line of Popdots comes in many colors and flavors, to please sweet-seekers of all ages and taste preferences. Original Sugar, Original Cocao, Cocoa & Hazelnut, White Caramel and Pink are the classics. Two versions of filled Popdots join them: Powdered Cocoa and Chocolate Filled. The former is a bite of delicious Dots Original dough, filled with a creamy cacao filling, and covered in powdered sugar. The latter, as its name suggests, is reserved for true chocolate lovers. It brings chocolate both inside and out, in addition to bits of white chocolate chip garnish, for extra playful appearance and added chocolatey goodness.

Our entire range of Popdots, just like the Dots that precede them, are free of preservatives and artificial flavors. Moreover, our commitment to quality does not mean we forget the importance of convenience. All of our Popdots are easy to handle, freeze excellently, and can be thawed simply on demand. At Europastry we combine the best of both worlds, bringing our clients European traditions and high standards for quality, which fit comfortably into the American way of life.