Assorted Savory Mini Croissants


Mini Paris Butter Croissants (Ref. 22133)

Mini Butter Multigrain Croissants (Ref. 23721)

Brie Cheese, Bacon, & Honey

Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon, & Chives

Crab, Arugula, & Red Caviar

Ham, Lettuce, & Pickles


These mini croissants make for a perfect appetizer or snack. Here are some tips in respective order:

1) Cook your bacon a bit longer than normal to get it extra crunchy.

2) Thinly sliced lox (smoked salmon) works best.

3) If you can’t get your hands on Red Caviar, any kind of roe (fish eggs) will be a suitable substitution.

4) Sear your ham in a pan on high heat for 1-2 minutes to make its umami flavor really show.