Assorted Sweet Mini Croissants


Mini Paris Butter Croissants (Ref. 22133)

Mini Butter Multigrain Croissants (Ref. 23721)

Chocolate Cream & Banana

Cottage Cheese, Apples, & Raisins

White Chocolate, Pistachios, & Currants

Mascarpone, Mango, & Blueberries


Sweet treats that make for a shareable dessert! Here’s a bit of advice for each one:

1) A bit of flaky sea salt or salted almond butter will work well with the sweetness of this croissant.

2) Thinly slice your fruits for easy, delicious bites.

3) If you can’t find currants, any berry of choice will work too.

4) This rich and sweet croissant can be enhanced with some spices like cinnamon or cloves.