Cristal Cheeseburger Italiano


Cristal Burger Bun (65847)

Beef Patties

Cherry Tomatoes

Mixed Greens

Fontina Cheese


Garlic Basil Aioli


Three cultures unite to create this tasty combo!  The American cheeseburger, made with Spanish Cristal bread, and topped with Italian flavors & ingredients.

  1. Preheat the grill and cook the patties to just under your desired doneness.
  2. Set a pan to medium-high heat with a small amount of olive oil.  Cook the cherry tomatoes until blistered, and gently smash them down.
  3. Slice and salt your avocado.
  4. Place the cheese on the patties and allow them to finish cooking so the cheese can melt.
  5. Assemble your burger and enjoy!