GR Roast Beef & Cheddar Sandwich


Gran Reserva Country Loaf (Ref. 20041)

Roast Beef

White Cheddar Cheese (Thin Sliced)


Frizzled Onions

Mayonnaise (Optional)


This sandwich is so delicious we should make GR stand for great recipe!  Our Gran Reserva bread gives the hearty, rustic sourdough needed to complement these ingredients. The bread is already 100% natural, so why not try to get the rest of your ingredients that way?

Frizzled onions are irresistible, and thankfully they’re easy to make too.  Slice your onion very thinly, and fry them in medium-high heat oil.  Stir them occasionally, and once they’re crispy you can take them out. Feel free to coat them in cornstarch and spices for an extra crunch!

For the roast beef, well… we’re bakers, not butchers.  While we don’t have the perfect recipe for homemade roast beef, we know for sure that you need the right cut of meat. Go for the classic bottom rump roast, or a chuck roast if you’re trying to be cost-savvy