Raspberry Cinnamon French Toast


Cinnamon Brioche Twist Euroclassic (48052)

Cinnamon Brioche Twist (Ref. 48052)

Batter: Eggs, Milk, Cinnamon Powder, and Vanilla Extract

Butter for Pan-Frying


Whipped Cream

Syrup (Optional)

Strawberry and Mint for Garnish (Optional)


The French toast of your dreams is only a loaf of brioche away. A quick custard-like batter can be made with eggs, milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon powder.

  1. Slice the brioche loaf into thick, evenly sized-pieces
  2. Mix your eggs, milk, cinnamon powder, and vanilla extract
  3. Heat a pan over medium-high heat with a small amount of butter
  4. One by one, thoroughly dunk a slice of brioche and pan-fry it until crispy
  5. Serve topped with whipped cream and raspberries
  6. Optionally:  Garnish and serve with a side of syrup.


Spices don’t need to stop with cinnamon- especially since this loaf has plenty. Opt for some other warm spices like ginger, cloves, or allspice.