Red & Green Mexi-Burger


Brioche Burger Buns

Beef Burger Patty



Roasted Pimiento Peppers

Manchego Cheese

Blistered Tomatoes



A burger so inspired by the flavors of Mexico that the colors even match the flag!  It’s a pretty straightforward prep, so instead we’ll focus on a way to level up this burger.

Try this burger with a Queso Fundido! Mix your cheese, peppers, tomato, and jalapeno with any other ingredients you’d like for a spicy and savory cheese sauce.
For a cheese sauce like this, you’ll instead want to ideally go with Queso Asadero / Oaxaca. If you can’t find any, you can substitute Monterey Jack, mozzarella, or freestyle it with whichever cheese(s) you prefer.