March 11, 2024

SE Petro Show

We were so happy to see everyone at the SE Petro Show last week!

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On March 6th & 7th the Europastry team made their way down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to participate in the SE Petro Show, where they showcased all of our convenience store offerings to prospective clients in the gas station/convenience business.

At the show, our team displayed items such as our new Retail Ready DotsOriginal® which come in a convenient thaw & serve 4 count box, which makes the clients job extremely simple. Customers at the Petro Show were able to sample our DotsOriginal® as well as our PopDots Original® which were unanimously a hit amongst anyone who tried them. Customers called our Cocoa and Hazelnut Dots “mindblowing” and our Pink PopDots left some at a loss for words. We didn’t only show our tried-and-true flavors though, we also gave samples of both of our new flavors available in both Dots and PopDots which are Lemon and Raspberry. Customers grabbed these the first chance they got and loved them, which makes sense because their fresh fruity flavors are perfect for the upcoming Spring season.

On the other hand, while the upcoming warm weather is on everyone’s minds after the freezing cold winter, the Fall and Holiday season is on ours because we process our Fall and Holiday orders in the Spring and Summer. So, since customers also need to keep the Fall and Holiday season in mind, we showed our Fall and Winter flavors such as our Cinnamon Brioche and Pumpkin Brioche which both perfectly encapsulate the coziness of the Fall.

Overall our team had a great time talking with prospective clients and sharing information about our brand and products, and we thank everyone for coming out to see us!