February 11, 2022

Super Bowl 2022

Bread and the Super Bowl.

A History of Sporty Snacking

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Super Bowl Sunday is rapidly approaching, and, in preparation, food and snacks are on everyone’s mind. Fact: Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest day for food consumption in the US; only Thanksgiving is ahead of it. The numbers are outstanding: roughly twelve million pizzas, hundreds of millions of avocados for guacamole, four times the normal amount of nachos, over a billion chicken wings, and 300 million gallons of beer (not to mention the sales of antacids for after the binging). It’s safe to say that food and Super Bowl Sunday cannot be conceived without each other.

Ever since the very first Super Bowl took place over half a century ago, back in 1967, snacking during the big event has always been a huge part of the game play, which results in a happy day for all. Have you ever wondered what people ate back then, on their 1960s-style sofas in front of their TVs? Was it very different from the snacks we enjoy in front of the modern screens of today?

Dips and spreads have been a fan favorite since the very beginnings. First came onion dip, also known as California dip, and it was a big hit, as it’s tasty and oh-so-simple to make: most recipes instruct us to mix a prepared powdered soup mix (Lipton brand made this one famous) with some sour cream and voilà, instant dipping bliss is served.

Saucy foods have also been popular from early on: foods like meatballs or buffalo wings are at the top of the list, and both feature sauces that range from classic tomato or barbecue, to more experimental contemporary flavours such as grape jelly chili sauce (yes, it’s a thing).

Much more recently, since the 1990s on and thanks to some amazing marketing skills, guacamole and thus avocados have become almost synonymous with Super Bowl Sunday. However, US-grown avocados are hardly in season yet at this time of year, pointing to the need to import them from farther away, and the impact of globalization on our food system. Nowadays, nevertheless, no one conceives this day without a hearty serving of guacamole, 1 which is also a much less processed way to eat than the classic onion dip powder from a package.

Your mouth may be watering for the snacks we have mentioned to this point, but if you stop and think about it, bread and baked goods are and have always been there: they are the necessary accompaniment to all of these Super Bowl-friendly foods, though they receive barely a mention as important Super Bowl snacks per se. Dips and spreads -whether the classic onion dip or the more contemporary guacamole- need to be scooped up with something, and with all the excitement and adrenaline going, we tend to crave heartier scooping vessels than carrot or celery sticks. Moreover, how could we eat sauce-laden meatballs without sopping up the sauces with some good bread?

There might be no better way to improve the overall quality of your Super Bowl snacks and satisfaction than with some high-quality bread and baked goods. Europastry products are here for you and your Super Bowl needs and cravings. Europastry breads offer the best of both worlds: convenience at the store and at home, and quality on your taste buds.

Some specially recommended products which will pair excellently with your Super Bowl Sunday snacks are the Euroclassic Brioche line for exquisite burger and hot dog buns. With the mild sweetness of our spongey brioche, you can add a classy European touch to the all American foods we love to consume on this day, and you will take your snacking to the next level. For dipping and sopping up sauces, the Cristal and Rustica ranges are your best bet for quality and flavor.
Europastry breads offer high quality products and top-notch flavor, without sacrificing convenience: our products come bagged and pre-sliced, so all you have to do is thaw and serve, toasting lightly to your liking, which we recommend for dipping, because the added crispiness is an unbeatable contrast to the creamy deliciousness of any dip, sauce, or spread.

The history of snacks for the Super Bowl continues to evolve; in the future, who knows what we might be sopping or scooping up or sandwiching with bread. What better way to increase your pleasure and satisfaction than with a staple food -bread- taken to the utmost level of quality.


There might be no better way to improve the overall quality of your Super Bowl snacks and satisfaction than with some high-quality bread and baked goods.