February 11, 2022

Valentine’s Day 2022

The Foods of Love

Europastry’s Valentine’s Day Offerings Make Sense

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone is thinking of how to express love to their special someone. Many choose to do so through the stomach. Food is inseparable from any form of celebration; when Valentine’s Day rolls around every year, and it’s time to celebrate our loved ones, we go all out and tell them we love them with offerings both edible and not.    

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Some specific ingredients have become classics for this day of the year:


especially red ones. Raspberries and strawberries, in fact, look just like edible symbols of love: their intense red color and heart-shaped appearance make them a sweet gift from the natural world. According to the symbolism of dreams, if you dream of raspberries, it has to do with matters of the heart. Ripe and sweet berries indicate happiness and good fortune; eating them represents pleasure.


is probably the most popular of Valentine’s Day foods, though it is actually a relatively recent additions to this holiday’s favored foods. Chocolate was a common gift during the Victorian era, in which love was expressed in a courtly manner. In the nineteenth century Richard Cadbury, of the famous Cadbury chocolates, was the original creator of the romantic heart-shaped boxes for bonbons now so closely linked to Valentine’s Day, and considered edible declarations of love. It’s no surprise that chocolate is featured foremost for this holiday, as its associations with love, passion, and desire go way back.

In fact, chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac since Aztec times. Once chocolate was introduced from the Americas to Europe, European royalty members who knew about the aphrodisiac powers of the cacao bean would give their lovers chocolate mixed with amber, as a way to stimulate the res of passion in them.


Raspberry Belgian Waffle Ice Cream Strawberry and Raspberry on Cinnamon Twist Brioche Half Loaf

Europastry has launched some very special pastries and baked goods for Valentine’s Day, dressed for the occasion featuring precisely these ingredients, in homage to the most romantic day of the year. With Europastry’s special treats, you can enjoy breakfast in bed or tea for two with your special someone, in style and quality.

First off are the attractive mini Raspberry Bicolor Croissants. Made with real butter and sourdough, with a long fermentation time for improved avor and quality, these French-style treats bring traditional, artisanal pastries with a touch of modern Valentine’s color to any Valentine’s Day breakfast spread. Similar in style are the Cocoa Bicolored Croissants, in both mini and regular sizes, because chocolate…. Whether pink or cocoa-colored, both options offer llings that will explode in your mouth with avor: 20%chocolate cream or raspberry jam, take your pick or pick for your lover (or customers).