July 12, 2022

We’re so proud of Vegan Burger-Style Buns

Plant-Based Certification for Euroclassic’s Vegan Brioche Style Bun    

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Euroclassic is proud to announce that its Vegan Brioche-Style Bun now boasts the Plant-Based certification, issued by the NSF.
The NSF or National Sanitation Foundation, founded in 1944, is an inde- pendent certification organization, highly valued by industry members and consumers worldwide. Its Plant-Based certification is unique in its category. The NSF issues an official certification to products made only with ingredients that contain alternatives to animal sources. This allows consumers to make sustainable and healthy choices with a reliable accreditation to support them.
This new certification comes at a key time for the market, as the plant-based sector has grown exponentially in recent years. The US plant-based foods sector is now valued at over $5 billion.

Euroclassic is a renowned, reputable brand with European origins, pioneer in introducing European baked goods to the American market. By combining traditional European know-how with American demand for convenience and innovation, Euroclassic is able to offer high-quality bread and baked products with the best of both worlds.

Producing a palatable, delicious brioche-style bun with similar features to the original but no animal products is no small feat, as classic brioche products are based on butter and eggs. Euroclassic has developed innovative production techniques to achieve a vegan alternative to the traditional brioche recipe it’s inspired by. The result is a light, spongy, delicate bun, free from the animal products -butter and eggs- that come in the traditional recipe. Vegan Brioche-Style Buns are a clean label product to boot. Euroclassic cares deeply about the sustainability, transparency and conscious nutrition values that come with a clean label.

The Vegan Brioche-Style Bun joins Euroclassic’s range of authentic Brioche Buns & Rolls. This entire line is a perfect example of Euroclassic’s signature combination of European tradition with an American lifestyle. The range boasts products that pair perfectly with grilled foods, burgers, and hot dogs, or accompany any special or everyday meal: Authentic Brioche Burger Bun, Authentic Brioche Hot Dog Bun, Authentic Brioche Dinner Roll, and more.

Vegan Brioche-Style Buns pair perfectly with any healthy filling of choice. Some serving suggestions for Vegan Brioche-Style Buns are: vegan burgers made with beans or grains and vegetables, or a veggie-filled bun with sliced tomato, avocado, cucumber, sprouts and vegan mayo. There are many ways to enjoy this delicious, now officially plant-based product!

The Vegan Brioche-Style Bun is now a certified product, which retailers can offer to clients interested in plant-based foods. Clients will rely on the assurance that they are getting a high-quality product, produced completely free from animal sources. No butter, no eggs, just delicious Euroclassic innovation.