July 7, 2023

World Chocolate Day 2023 – Making You, and the Earth Smile

World Chocolate Day is exactly what you think, a day of indulgence celebrating this delicious food!

This mini holiday honors when chocolate first reached Europe in 1550. European chocolate is some of the finest, so it’s no surprise that all our chocolate pastries are imported from Europe.   

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Chocolate Day is sure to make anyone smile, and that’s not just our opinion. 84% of consumers* agree that eating chocolate makes them happy.
And with all that happiness, we take pride in knowing that we make the planet happy too. Cocoa cultivation has a bitter side, but we do what we can to make things sweeter.
We are proud to promote our UTZ certification and our commitment to sustainable agriculture, as well as our support for small farmers.
Chocolate is synonymous with indulgence, and it’s essential to treat yourself every once in a while. So this World Chocolate Day, you can thank yourself for a
delicious chocolate dessert and know the Earth thanks you for supporting its protection.

*Sources: Barry Callebaut Proprietary Study (2022). Barry Callebaut Proprietary Study (2019 & 2022)

Europastry's Large Cocoa DotsOriginal® and Our DotsOriginal® On The Rocks

Our Large Cocoa DotsOriginal® and Our DotsOriginal® On The Rocks