July 28, 2023

France, The Pastry Capital 🇫🇷

A virtual vacation is one of the best ways to explore cultures around the world.  We’re looking at the country of romance - say bonjour to France!

France’s rich history has contributed to its cultural significance- the French Revolution also birthed a culinary revolution, and they’re now home to some of the world’s greatest bakers and institutes.

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Beyond France’s haute cuisine, there are its humble roots in cooking.  You’ll know some of their more familiar items like the baguette or the croissant, and some you may not have known are originally French like brioche.  Come along and find out why France has earned their crown as a leader in culinary and baking arts.


France is the birthplace of brioche, specifically in Normandy.  During the 9th century, Norman Vikings brought their knowledge of making butter to what would become France.  Flash-forward to the 15th century, and the word’ brioche’ has made its first printed appearance.  Knowing how to make butter may seem simple, but it’s one of the key ingredients that make brioche so rich and sweet!  Regions of France have variations of the original recipe, but our EuroClassic brioche that is imported from France stays as true to the original as it can.  Since its birth, brioche has grown to appear in a variety of shapes, styles, and flavors.  Some of our favorites include brioche buns, brioche cakes, and brioche loaves.

Sliced Cinnamon Brioche Loaf
The breadmaking skills of France run even more classic than brioche.  While not for the best reasons, during the years prior to the French Revolution, the average French citizen’s diet was majority bread.  But with many bakers so focused on breadmaking, it grew to become a key part of French cuisine even centuries later.  Their most popular bread is the baguette, a long loaf of bread with an airy inside and crunchy crust.  This is why we proudly choose France as the origin of our line of Take & Bake bread.   If you can’t make your way to a Parisian bakery, just bake one of these baguettes at home and you recreate that delightful scent.

EuroClassic Take and Bake Baguettes
There’s a reason France is the pastry capital of the world; it’s home to some of the most skillful pastry artisans in the world and innovators in modern patisserie.  France can be credited as the creator of the modern croissant.  Parisian croissants set the standard by making theirs a technical variation of traditional brioche. With similar ingredients, croissants are made by folding cold butter into each layer of dough- this is a technique called lamination.  This butter creates steam which puffs up the layers and adds tender richness to the dough.  We adopted this approach as the foundation for our pastries, and vary it by offering different fillings and toppings; the end result is our stunning array of croissants. Person holding a croissant and an espresso

While Paris may be the founding city for many of these baked goods, you can find high-quality pastries and bread all across France- and during that time explore their historical monuments and cultural museums.  And if you can’t make it there this summer, consider our bread, brioche, and pastries a little taste of France in the meantime.  Bon appétit!