September 1, 2023

One Last BBQ – Labor Day Weekend 馃崝馃嚭馃嚫

As summer wraps up, school begins, and work is in full swing again, we still have time for celebration this Labor Day Weekend.

Let鈥檚 celebrate all the progress hard-working Americans have made in the workforce with one last BBQ!聽 While the weather is still warm, for one last weekend, let鈥檚 get grilling.

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Burgers 馃崝

We had to start off with a classic.聽 Every great barbecue is marked with a great burger.聽 One of the most important parts is the burger patty, of course.聽 Beef is the classic, turkey for those who prefer a leaner cut, and even plant-based patties for the vegan in your life.聽 The other most important part is the buns.聽 That鈥檚 why we offer so many to choose from; with standard bread, we have our round Rustica buns for a classic ciabatta, and Cristal burger buns for a unique Spanish sourdough flair.聽 But our favorites are the line of brioche buns we offer.聽 We have your classic, multigrain, everything, and sesame burger buns to pick from.聽 There are even plant-based brioche burger buns (now your vegan friends won鈥檛 have to worry about having options).

Assorted hamburgers on a platter with toppings.
Hot Dogs 馃尛

The second most popular barbecue classic, the day wouldn鈥檛 be complete without hot dogs.聽 You can go with the classic frankfurter which offers simple flavors meant for toppings.聽 You could also try other sausages like Italian or Kielbasa for some different flavors and textures.聽 They would all fit nestled perfectly into one of our hot dog/sausage buns.聽 Similar to the hamburgers, we have bread and brioche options.聽 Our Rustica ciabatta sausage rolls are a hearty base that will handle even the messiest of toppings.聽 And our brioche hot dog buns add some buttery & sweet flavors.

A hand holding out a hot dog with coleslaw and jalape帽o toppings.
Sandwiches 馃オ

The most versatile of the bunch, classic sandwiches can make their way to a great cookout too. Chicken, pork, and fish are all delicious proteins, and cold cuts add a nice level of salty and savory.聽 Thankfully, our assortment of Rustica ciabatta rolls is meant to stand up to any toppings.聽 Not only do they toast great on the grill, but also they come in a variety of flavors: plain, multigrain, onion & poppy seed, and asiago cheese.聽 Your flavor combos are endless with bases that can be classic, earthy, sweet, or umami.

Cold cut sandwiches on Rustica brand ciabatta bread.

You deserve to treat yourself, especially on a day meant to honor hard workers everywhere.聽 It can be tough to accommodate everyone who attends, which is part of why we have so many options.聽 We鈥檒l even give you some recipes below to get the ball rolling.聽 All of these buns are available in stores now, so It鈥檚 not so much a question of which you鈥檒l pick, but rather, what are you waiting for?聽 Let鈥檚 go make this Labor Day weekend delicious!

A crispy chicken sandwich with ranch sauce on a sesame seed bun. A hot dog with jalapenos and salsa on top. A bacon cheeseburger in a basket with potato chips. A roast beef sandwich on Rustica ciabatta bread.
Crispy Chicken
& Ranch Sandwich
Cristal Viva
Mexico Dog
Fully Dressed
Bacon Cheeseburger
Roast Beef Sandwich