July 28, 2021

Cereal, Europastry’s R&D center, challenges the bakery world with Baking the Future accelerator

The goal is to support startups from all over the world to develop their products, test them in the market and create new business models.

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Cereal, Europastry’s new bakery and pastry R&D center, has launched Baking the Future, the first startup accelerator in the bakery sector. The goal is to identify innovative solutions generated by startups from all over the world and to build an open innovation model for the company.

The acceleration program lasts six months and is designed to support entrepreneurs in developing their products, testing product viability in the market, and creating new business models, as well as help them to promote their projects.



Let’s innovate the bakery industry together:

  • Breaking environmental barriers with more sustainable packaging, re-use of leftovers, and recycling.
  • Improving customer experience through technology focused on customer behavior, transparency, and traceability.
  • Health and food solutions with new ingredients for food intolerances, elimination or reducing trans fats, sugar, etc.
  • Efficiency and quality through new technologies aimed at processes or ingredients to improve taste, texture, durability, and regeneration



Projects will be accepted until 5 September 2021. Subsequently, all projects will be evaluated by an Evaluation Committee made up of a team appointed by Europastry.

After the selections have been made, a maximum of 5 startup projects will be notified of their inclusion in the Baking the Future acceleration program, which will begin on 26 September 2021 at CEREAL in Barcelona.

Demo Day will take place after the end of the six-month program, when the startups will present their projects to a network of private investors and highly qualified experts.



The five startups selected to participate in the Baking the Future accelerator will have the opportunity to access the following:

  • Tailor-made work sessions
  • A workspace at CEREAL’s facilities in Barcelona
  • Specialized mentoring sessions with members of the CEREAL team who are highly qualified in bakery-related areas (R&D, sales, marketing, )
  • Access to Europastry’s R&D Department to not only develop, test, and produce products using the latest technologies but also manufacture on a pilot scale at CEREAL’s facilities
  • Europastry’s  smart   capital   for   improving   the   concept   in   its   high-tech laboratories
  • Access to sensory analyses
  • Inspirational sessions and workshops
  • Business plan design
  • Template for and refinement of the pitch
  • Preparatory sessions for Demo Day
  • Communication plan

Check all the information and sign up at www.bakingfuture.com.