October 22, 2021

Europastry receives the commemorative book “Experiencia con la masa madre” (Experience with sourdough)

This book, published by Puratos, a leader in developing products, technologies and solutions for the baking, pastry and chocolate sector, includes a double interview with Jordi Gallés and Jordi Caballero, Europastry’s Executive President and R&D Director, respectively.

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Puratos published the book Experience with sourdough, 121 pages dedicated to the breadmaking tradition, in which various sourdough experts and fans have collaborated. The company presented a copy of the publication, which will not be on sale to the public, to Jordi Caballero, Executive President of the multinational company, Europastry, which features prominently in the book.

Europastry’s R&D Director, Jordi Caballero, and Purchasing Director, Toni Martínez, were also at the event. The book features a double interview with Jordi Gallés and Jordi Caballero, who share a deep passion for bread, “we think like bakers, not investors” says Caballero, R&D Director. In the conversation that appears in the book, both mutually confess that it would have been their dream to have invented the baguette.

Both Puratos and Europastry defend the idea that the future of breadmaking is dependent on a respect for the tradition. According to Jordi Gallés, “artisanal bread can definitely be pre-baked on a large scale, as long as you don’t use the technology to take shortcuts”.

Other sourdough fans who collaborate in the book, are William Rubel, historian and sourdough enthusiast; Mikiko Kimura, executive director of Kimuraya; Karl De Smedt, sourdough librarian; Marco Gobetti, professor and sourdough enthusiast; Anita Sumer, professor and sourdough lover; and Robert Van de Walle, 1980 Judo Olympic Champion.

“This book, about experiences with sourdough, offers a detailed vision of different aspects of sourdough research and promotion, conducted in the Centre for Bread Flavour in Belgium. In recent years, Puratos has been constantly backing research into sourdough, to reveal its secrets, rediscover its history, and to inform bakers and consumers about its benefits and how to preserve it. It’s an ongoing project with a single objective: help the baker to prepare the healthiest and most delicious bread, so that it can reach the largest number of consumers around the world”, declares Stefan Capelle, Director of the Sourdoughs and Grains Business Unit at Puratos.