September 3, 2020

Europastry unveils the improved recipe for its new line of meat pies

After a year of work, development and research, we are proud to present the most complete and innovative family of meat pies and pastries on the market.

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We have created different categories of meat pies and pastries for each type of consumer and distribution channel, whether they are bakeries, catering or retail. The O Forno Galego brand comprises the most traditional round, rectangular, half-moon or sandwich formats, among others, which stand out for their dough with a homemade style and their abundant fillings. These abundant fillings are one of the most important secrets to improvement of these products: the proportion of filling (60%) and dough (40%).

The Revolution pasties are another one of our star products. Here we find the Punk Pies with their closure in the shape of a Mohawk hairdo; the Yummies with extra thin, crunchy and colourful dough made of all-natural ingredients, and The Pastries from around the World where we find the typical Argentine pastries made according to the authentic traditional recipe from that country, or the Argentine Pastries with dough from Buenos Aires, a new collection of four irresistible flavours with Argentinian character and origin.

Finally, we present a whole collection of packaged meat pies and pastries, designed for retail sale. A ready-made line of products that adapts to the needs of today’s consumers.



New ‘Da Ribiera’ tuna pie from the ‘O forno Galego’ brand, made following a unique, original and different recipe, inspired by the traditional recipes of Galician villages.

This revamped classic stands out for its extra-thin dough, which is both crispy and soft, and for its premium filling with 33% tuna and high-quality vegetables, which are fried in olive oil before filling the dough, so that they gain in flavour and texture during cooking.

Moreover, following the traditional process, each one of these pies is closed by hand with the original Galician closure.

Discover our new range of meat pies here.