March 18, 2021

Scandinavian inspiration for the new line of Danish pastries Løven

Løven is the name of the new line of Danish pastries that we have created, inspired by traditional Scandinavian recipes.

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In keeping with the lagom concept, the secret to Swedish happiness, Scandinavian bakers create perfect pastries by applying the principle ‘not too much, not too little, everything in balance’.  And so Løven (løve + øven) is much more than a line of pastries; it is a lifestyle, a legitimate excuse to share and enjoy moments of life with something sweet.

Cinnamon, fruit, marzipan, cream and nuts are the secret ingredients that we use to prepare the best Danish pastries, designed to be enjoyed in a moment of relaxation; it is what in Sweden is called fika, a concept that consists of a coffee break and a snack to match.

Løven’s new range of Danish pastries is made with wheat sourdough, egg and premium margarine, ingredients that result in a thin, light and very crunchy dough.



Each of their four new creations feature delicious fillings and are ready to bake.

And so we have the Cream and Apple Crown, filled with cream filling with chunky apple compote. The Corona Chocolate, with cream filling and real chocolate drops; the Marzipan Triangle, filled with marzipan and decorated with almonds, and the Cinnamon Roll, filled with cinnamon cream. With the unmistakable hint of cinnamon.

These are gourmet recipes prepared with high quality ingredients. In addition, each creation comes already decorated and ready to bake, which provides great flexibility and profitability to our customers.

Løven is the Danish pastry that you will fall in love with. Discover it at