August 4, 2023

Vacation with Us – Italy, A Legacy of Culture 馃嚠馃嚬

A virtual vacation through Europe wouldn鈥檛 be complete without a trip to Italy.聽 This country is built upon the foundations of past empires and has grown into a culture all its own- and its food is no exception!

Italy鈥檚 culinary past is rooted in the recipes of ancient Rome, ingredients introduced in the age of exploration, and the time spent as separate city-states. Even today, each city in Italy has its specialties and techniques.

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As the cities of Italy joined together during the 19th century, their traditions intermingled and established the cuisine we know today. Across the world, Italy鈥檚 cuisine is considered some of the best and the birthplace of some of our favorites: pasta, pizza, and of course, their bread!

One of Italy鈥檚 most famous breads is the Ciabatta. This bread is a young style, as it was invented in Adria in 1982. Since then, the recipe and phenomena have flourished; we proudly honor that original recipe in our ciabattas. Our lines of Rustica bread are made with high-gluten flour and a high hydration level, just as Ciabatta should be. The result is a light bread roll with a crisp crust and a honeycomb-like crumb.

While this recipe sets our foundations, we鈥檙e constantly innovating; this led to us offering assorted flavors inspired by Italian cuisine. Their everyday use of whole grains is seen in our Multigrain Ciabatta. Their choices of herbs and vegetables are present in our Onion & Poppy Ciabatta. Italy has some of the finest cheeses- including Asiago: perfecting fitting for our Asiago Cheese Ciabatta. And, of course, we have Rustica ciabattas that are made with natural olive oil.

We wouldn鈥檛 be doing Italy justice if we didn鈥檛 spotlight some of their significant ingredients and dishes. We could tell you about common ones like prosciutto and caprese, but we鈥檇 instead show you! Look below at these Rustica recipes inspired by Italian cuisine, and let us know if you make your own. Buon appetito!

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