May 26, 2023

Cookout Season Tips – ‘We Are Grillers’ 🍔🌭

We are Bakers, but we can be grillers too!  Have a look at some tasty ways to make the most of summer barbecues with clever techniques and some delicious recipes at the end.

Summer is nearly here, and you know the old saying. Sun's out, buns out, burger buns, that is! Whether it's hamburgers, hot dogs, sliders, or anything else you can think of, the buns make all the difference. So allow us to teach you which buns go best for which recipes.

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Brioche Buns | EuroClassic:  Brioche is that soft and buttery bread with just the right amount of sweetness.  There’s a reason you see it used for so many burgers!  These buns can stand up to piles of delicious toppings and handle even the juiciest of patties.  Our brioche burger buns, hot dog buns, and slider rolls work best with savory, saucy meals.  Sweet and savory is a classic combo, and a well-toasted brioche will complete your sandwich without getting soggy.


Ciabatta | RUSTICA:  Ciabatta bread is soft inside with a firm crust, making it the go-to for all sorts of sandwiches.  This sturdy bread is good for stacking full of veggies, the honeycomb-like crumb inside almost ‘grabs’ slippery tomatoes and thin onions to keep them from falling out.  Our Rustica ® ciabatta come in a variety of styles: we offer barbecue classics like round burger-style buns and long sausage-style buns, and a medley of ciabatta rolls including onion poppy seed, asiago cheese, and multigrain.


Sourdough | Cristal Bread:  There’s a good reason why they call us innovators.  Our Cristal bread has the texture and flavor you expect, but we’ve developed a method to make it much less sour; we put less emphasis on the sour, and more on the dough.  Toss this bread on the grill too, and in minutes you’ll have some toasty bread with the slightest tang, and that crystal-like *crunch* in every bite.  This bread can hold its own with sauce-covered pulled pork, sausage and peppers, or any other combinations you want to throw on the grill.


Now that you have a bit more background on choosing the right bread, we’ll give you a little taste of what you can do to dazzle your guests at this summer’s barbecue:


Recipe 1:

Recipe 2:

Recipe 3:

No matter what you’ve got cooking, make sure to put your bread on there too and toast it until the perfect kind of crunchy or golden you desire. 
If you want to make sure your timing is right, here’s a brief reminder on the temperature to aim for with your favorite meats: