History of bakery is being re-written. Here. Now.

Europastry is a leader in the frozen bakery dough sector. For over 30 years, we have been offering the best bakery products, using the tradition of master artisans as our guide and innovation to develop the best products as our strategy. Today, we offer our products and expertise in the bakery world in more than 80 countries worldwide through our 26 plants and 29 sales offices.

After more than 30 years in the business, we are still excited with our latest idea or craziest project. Our dreams are our driving force


Year founded


Production plants in Spain, Portugal, Holland, Romania, United States and Mexico


Turnover 2023


Countries where our products are present


Sale offices in America, Asia and Europe


120MM€ Investment in 2023 in R&D and technology

We are Bakers

Grupo Europastry

Our origins are rooted in traditional bakery. But we are also non-conformists. With an eye on the past and another on the future, we are reinventing the culture of baking.

Innovation is our passion


We aim to create a new culture of bakery based on tradition and enhanced by innovation to make people’s lives easier and happier.


  • We're brave

    • Our evolution has always been connected with daring to dream about new ways of making things happen in the traditional bakery industry. Change is in our DNA. Innovation is at our core. Our attitude is audacious and brave. Challenges are our daily bread
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  • We're commited

    • We believe that our approach must impact in positive ways. We’re committed to the people on our team, creating the best work environment possible. We’re committed to society, making excellent bakery products. We’re committed to our planet, leading a sustainable business and reducing the impact of our activity on nature.
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  • We're grounded

    • We started as a family business and are aware of the importance of our heritage. Respecting and honoring the tradition and craft of baking is, along with our curious spirit and never-ending search for innovation, the foundation of all our work.
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  • We're restless

    • We are certain that the key to success is understanding and cooperation, collaborating shoulder to shoulder with our clients and external partners. Together, we are stronger.
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  • We're flexible

    • Society is in a continuous state of change which means people’s needs shift constantly. We are focused on anticipating those bakery trends that will turn into new needs. We are aware that changing times need flexible mindsets.


Our brands and product families mark our bakery character. Each serves customers in different ways, but all are focused on delivering the best quality.


We are multi-local. Our growth has a global reach with a focus on local bonds with communities.

  • Countries: +80
  • Production Plants: 26
  • Subsidiaries: 28
  • Distributors: +600
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