In Europastry sustainability is not a goal, but a reality.

Taking care of all that really matters

We are convinced that, to fight climate change, the future of food has to be sustainable. We lead the transformation of the bakery sector by being one of the most sustainable bakeries.

An example is our commitment to using 100% sustainable wheat to guarantee good practices with local farmers, certified seeds, reduced use of fertilizers, crop rotation and field-to-table traceability.


We are committed to harvest 25.000ha of sustainable wheat by 2025


We reduced our carbon footprint by 47% between 2019 and 2021


In 2021 we reduced our water consumption by 14,9%


In 2021 we reduced our gas consumption by 3,1%


100% natural ingredients. We design products without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives


100% electric energy from renewable sources. Lastly, we use recyclable packaging for our products and distribute them under sustainability criteria

“In our daily operations, we set ourselves challenges in terms of the responsible use of resources and energy efficiency. By committing to use only green energy, we are taking a major step towards consolidating ourselves as a sustainable company”

Local raw materials

We work hand in hand with local farmers and producers. We control the traceability of each grain until milling and thus reduce the food miles of our products compared to current market standards.

Sustainable distribution

Our sustainable fleet includes trucks powered by natural gas, mega trucks that reduce the number of commutes and electric bicycles for urban centers.