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Innovation is in our DNA. It has marked our past and forged our future.

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We base our leadership position on being one of the most cutting-edge companies in the industry. We are passionate about forming part of the most innovative company in the sector.

The market is always evolving. New trends and demands emerge, and we are ready to respond them. Above all, the client is always the focus that guides our innovation policy.


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At Europastry, innovation is more than a spirit, is a true will. Our company’s structure is designed to create and adopt newness on a deep level.

Innovating for customers

The client is always the focus that guides our innovation policy. Our R+D process begins by planning the appropriate response to the consumers’ needs. Research, adapting to the market, the creation of new products, and the improvement of existing ranges are our main objectives.

Innovation Process

From their elaboration in our R+D centers to the actual consumption tests, we implement a trial-error process that allows us to check the success of a product. The last step is a large-scale launch. A crucial decision, where the vision and leadership capacity of our teams are proven.

Innovation Centers

We conduct R&D at six innovation centers strategically located in Spain, the United States, and the Netherlands. Made up of more than 50 master bakers, nutritionists, engineers and biologists, our teams focus on global consumer trends and local market needs.

We blend tradition and innovation, creating products that make our lives better.