A tribute to all bakers who share the same values.

Chap. 01. Jonathan Bethony. Washington, D.C..

Jonathan is an exceptional baker mastering both: the classic and artisanal side of baking and the more creative and experimental side. Because of his dedication, commitment and results, he is known as "the Steve Jobs of bread" and is considered the best baker in Washington, D.C.

Bread is a way of relating to the world and communicating with it. Spiritual and committed, his dream is to change people's lives through bread.

Chap. 02. Irene Gómez. Sigüenza.

A tireless fighter, Irene has trained with the best master bakers, learning all the secrets of artisan bread.

From her bakery in Sigüenza, she serves Michelin-starred restaurants. Her success is the result of her constant work.

Chap. 03. Jean-Maurice. París.

Third generation of bakers and trained with the best artisan baker in France, Jean-Maurice is a baker passionate about his craft and challenges.

His effort and talent have led him to be, in 2019, the winner of the first prize for the best traditional baguette of Seine-Saint-Denis in Paris. Time and patience are the main ingredients in Jean Maurice's recipes.

Chap. 04. Agustí Costa. Cercs.

Considered one of the most creative bakers in Spain, Agustí is, from his bakery in Cercs (Catalonia), the fifth generation of bakers who combine tradition and innovation to create the best bread.

Thanks to his courage and tenacity, he has managed to attract bread lovers from all corners of the country and revitalize his small town of just 1,000 inhabitants.

Chap. 05. Frank van Eerd. Maastricht.

Frank is considered the best baker in the Netherlands. His Limburgse Vlaai cake is one of the most awarded, but Frank is not only concerned with awards. He wants to change the world through food.

Against the trend of quantity and speed, Frank proposes a return to a more leisurely and natural way of doing things, where time is our best ally to achieve better bread and, more importantly, a better quality of life for everyone.

Chap. 06. Nicola Morgandi. Cea.

Nicola's mother is from Galicia and his father from Italy. Thanks to his enthusiasm and perseverance, he has revolutionized the world of flatbreads in Spain with her Pinsas.

Nico's Pinsa combines Italian tradition with the ingredients most deeply rooted in the Ribeiro region to achieve a product with a unique texture and flavor.

Chap. 07. Ángel María Cruz. Bogotá.

Angel represents the core values of the profession. From an early age, he was instilled with a love for the trade.

His humility, perseverance and empathy have made him one of the best bakers in Bogotá.

Chap. 08. Carlos Moreno. Palazuelos.

Carlos, a tireless innovator, makes the best stone-milled flours in Spain from the recovery of ancient wheat.

Since 2004, he has been collaborating with renowned bakers and restaurateurs from all over the country, keeping the most ancestral processes at the forefront.

Chap. 09. Jordi Caballero. Barcelona

After 31 years at Europastry, Jordi, a maverick without limits, keeps changing the word "no" to "let's try it!"️

Their energy, curiosity, and joy are highly contagious.

Chap. 10. Pepe Salcedo. Barcelona

Pepe has been part of the great family of Europastry bakers for 45 years. A lifetime, literally.

Admired and respected by those around him, he has managed to make his family a team and his team a family.

Chap. 11. Miguel Fernández. Girona

Miguel is an example of respect, struggle and professional, personal and, above all, family commitment.

It never matters how serious the adversity is, he never loses his calm, his common sense, or his smile.

Chap. 12. Pere Roche. Barcelona

Pere, 13 years in Europastry facing any challenge. He loves reflection and calm but knows how to shake up his team to get the best out of them.

A lover of oriental philosophy, he enjoys his work and his family with awareness and gratitude.

Chap. 13. Jean-Pierre. Normandía

Jean-Pierre's curiosity and courage pushed him to change his life and pursue his dreams in the United States. And he made it come true.

Every year he returns to Normandy to reconnect with his roots and his identity. The place where it all began.

Chap. 15. Koki & Chie. Kyotango, Japan

Koki and Chie Ota run a small bakery nestled in the mountains of Kyotango, named Yasakagama.

The bakery was an awakening for them. A new life connected to simple things, harmony and nature. Yasakagama embodies a dream come true.