Beef Burger, Argentine-Style


4 Sesame Seed Burgers (Ref 27271)

1 red pepper

Half a courgette

4 slices of Edam cheese

Romaine lettuce

Curly endive

12 slices of Raf tomato

For the Hamburger

720g minced veal

4 tablespoons barbecue spices

4 tablespoons diced onion

4 tablespoons diced parsley

Chumichurri sauce

Barbecue sauce

Salt and pepper


Roast the pepper and zucchini cut into thin slices. Season the meat with the spices, onion, parsley, salt and pepper.
Shape the burgers and grill them 4 minutes per side, brushing every now and then with the chumichurri and barbecue sauce. When they are done, place the Edam cheese slices on top, which will melt with the heat.

Toast the roll.

Place a few leaves of romaine lettuce on the bases of the rolls, followed by the tomato slices and the slices of grilled courgette. Top the burgers with cheese, a little barbecue sauce and finish with the sliced roasted pepper.