Fish burger with mayonnaise and wasabi


Crystalline beer burger (Ref. 69890)


Wasabi powder

Soy sauce

Lemon zest

Tender shoots

For the Hamburger

560g white fish

Fish stock

4 eggs

40g breadcrumbs


Panko breadcrumbs


Soak the breadcrumbs in fish stock, drain and beat them together with an egg and the fish. Season with salt and pepper and add some fresh dill (after having removed the leaves).

Shape the hamburger and bread it with panko breadcrumbs. Cook it on a griddle greased with a few drops of virgin olive oil.

Prepare a mayonnaise with wasabi powder to taste, a few drops of soy sauce and lemon zest.

Grease the base with mayonnaise, and then place the hamburger and finish off by adding with tender sprouts.