January 18, 2022

30 years since the inauguration of Sarral, Europastry’s production plant in Tarragona

The Sarral production plant has become the largest employment engine in the province of Tarragona and, due to the growth that Europastry has experienced to date, it has 10 production lines for pastries, bread and Dots.

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On January 18, 1992, we opened the doors of our Sarral production plant to make it one of Europastry’s largest production plants. Its path quickly joined the path of one hundred inhabitants of the region who put all their effort and dedication into achieving the most innovative and high-quality products.

The growth we have experienced over the years has driven the Sarral plant to grow to the five hundred employees it has today, making it the main driver of employment in the province of Tarragona.

In addition, thanks to our commitment to continuous product improvement and investment in new technologies, the total number of lines has grown from the initial three, dedicated to pastries, to the current 10, dedicated to the production of pastries, bread and Dots.



A great example of the result of our philosophy and way of working is Sarral’s new line of Dots. A versatile and innovative line that allows the simultaneous production of up to four types of Dots with different fillings, toppings and toppings.

At the basis of all innovation, however, is our goal of achieving a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for the bakery sector. For this reason, last year we focused our efforts on reducing plastic and cardboard consumption in this plant by 15%.

Another of the most important commitments is the use of Responsible Wheat, an initiative that aims to combat climate change and seeks to reduce fertilizers, reduce the use of water and increase crop rotation.